特性描述Feature description
主要特点Major characteristics
"1.锅炉的设计、生产制造、监督检验均严格按《锅炉安全技术监察规程》,确保锅炉长期安全稳定工作。Design, manufacturing, supervision and inspection of boiler strictly comply with Boiler Safety Technology Supervision Procedure, to guarantee long-term safe and stable work of boiler."
"2.本体为锅壳式全湿背顺流三回程烟火管结构,火焰在大燃烧室内微正压燃烧,燃烧热负荷低,有害物质NOx排放量少。通过多次测试验证,使锅炉在各种负荷下运行都能得到良好的热工性能、合格的烟气排放指标。Body is shell type full-wet back three-pass smoke and fire-tube structure, flame is micro-positive pressure combustion in large combustion chamber, combustion heat load is low and harmful substance NOx emission is low. Boiler can be good thermal property and qualified smoke emission indicator running under various loads through many tests. It’s low-carbon environment friendly product."
"3.前后烟箱采用特殊的保温绝热材料,耐高温、导热系数低、抗急冷急热能能力好,大大延长了烟箱的使用寿命。烟箱下部设有冷凝水排放口,减少冷凝水对受压部件的腐蚀。The front and back smoke chambers use special heat preservation and insulation material which is high temperature resistance, low coefficient of heat conductivity, good quick heating and cooling resistance, greatly prolonging service life of smoke chamber. Equip with condensate water discharge mouth at the lower part of smoke chamber, to reduce corrosion of pressure parts by condensate water."
"4.锅内装置及各管口布置合理,优化了锅内水循环,有效防止水垢产生,也利于提高水侧换热效果。在循环不畅的薄弱环节设置手孔、检查孔,便于定期检查、维护。Boiler device and each pipe mouth are arranged reasonably, optimizing water circulation in the boiler, effectively preventing production of scale and in favor of enhancing heat exchange effect of water side."
"5.采用湿背结构与干背锅炉相比,大大降低了后烟箱温度,解决了后烟箱运行中需频繁维护的现象;Compared to dry back furnace, wet back structure greatly reduces rear smoke chamber temperature and solves the frequent maintenance phenomenon of rear smoke chamber during running;"
"6.较大水容积设计,炉体对负荷的波动不敏感,负荷变动范围大的用户仍然适用。Large water volume design, furnace body isn’t sensitive to load fluctuation and the user with large load change is still suitable."
"7.专业工业造型设计师精心设计的外观,新颖独特而又不失与周围环境的协调性。彻底改变了工业锅炉笨重的形象,是二十一世纪的低碳新概念环保锅炉。The appearance is designed specially by professional industrial modeling designer, original, unique, and coordinates with surroundings. It completely changes the ponderous image of industrial boiler, the 21 century low carbon new concept environment friendly boiler."
"8.以严密的理论计算和多年热力管网布置经验为依据,在保证锅炉性能的前提下减小锅炉体积、提升锅炉在整体布局中协调性,服从系统整体的紧凑布置,从而可为用户节省宝贵的占地面积、减少锅炉房基建投资。Based on strict theoretical calculation and heating pipe network arrangement experiences for many years, on the premise of ensuring boiler performance, reduce boiler volume, enhance boiler coordination in the whole layout, comply with compacted arrangement of system, thus save precious land area for users and reduce boiler room investment of capital construction."
"9.排烟烟道可配置冷凝换热器、冷凝烟气中的水蒸汽吸收凝结潜热,从而大大提高锅炉的热效率。Smoke emission flue can be equipped with condensation heat exchanger and water vapor in the condensation smoke absorbs latent heat of condensation, and thus greatly improves heat efficiency of boiler."
"10.选用先进的触屏PLC控制系统,具有定时控制,工作记录、检漏报警、压力保护、温度控制、缺水保护等功能,并可增设厂家定时锁,可预留上位机通讯接口实现集成控制 Select advanced touch PLC control system, have the functions of timing control, work record, leakage inspection and alarm, pressure protection, temperature control and water shortage protection, add manufacturer’s timing lock and reserve upper computer communication interface to realize integration control."




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